Is it possible to repair bad sectors from hard drive, if I wipe the drive completely?

You may receive error messages like “error=0×40 {UncorrectableError}”, “CRC” or “Cyclic Redundancy Error” and others that suggest that your hard drive have bad sectors. If some of your files are missing, unreadable or corrupt, it may be a cause of bad sectors. Before discussing about the bad sectors let us first know what sectors are. [...]

How do I ensure that after wiping process data is wiped beyond recovery?

Data Sanitizer removes data from hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected pattern and various international disk sanitization standards. The included sanitizing profiles feature rewrite standards that exceed those prescribed by the US Department of Defense and the US Navy. Rewriting assures that your data is being deleted beyond recovery and cannot [...]

How do I wipe my old PC’s, booting Windows XP hard drive?

When your confidential and private data is in question, simply deleting files or formatting the hard drive is not safe enough. You will need a drive erasing tool to securely do the task. These erasing tools ensure permanent data erasure by overwriting the contents of the hard drive several times. When the drive to be [...]

How to ensure complete destruction of data from hard drive?

I want to ensure complete destruction of data from my hard drive, which option suits best, degaussing or a drive wiping software. The option which suits best to ensure complete destruction of data from your hard drive is to use a drive wiping software as degaussing may make the media inoperable. In the process of [...]