Erase Data Beyond Recovery

Erasing data from hard drive is necessery easecially when the user wants to sell or expose his PC or hard drive. In such situations, many users worried about how to erase data permanently, in roder to avoid misuse of important and confidential data? To do that, drive wipe is the best available option for you. However, there are several software avialable to wide data permanently, but none of them guarantees the complete assurance. Hard drive shredder is one such strong and trustworthy software which wipes data completely from hard drive so that it cannot be restored by any means.

Data Sanitizer removes data from hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected pattern and various international disk sanitization standards. The included sanitizing profiles feature rewrite standards that exceed those prescribed by the US Department of Defense and the US Navy. Rewriting assures that your data is being deleted beyond recovery and cannot be recovered by any data recovery software utility. And this application also helps to wipe USB flash drive.

Data Sanitizer tool begins by overwriting the data contained on the first sector on the hard drive with a random pattern of data, and continues it for every sector of the hard drive unless it overwrites all the sectors of the hard drive. This completes a single pass. Number of passes depends on the sanitizing standard you choose. Data Sanitizer includes 9 sanitization standards for completely wiping the drive . These standards are classified into different levels for erasing the data which are based on the security levels.

Data Sanitizer software, has the ability to wipe other data storage devices like external hard disk drive, flash drive, FireWire drive, USB drive, memory card, iPod, etc. Simple graphical user interface of this application will never let you down, even a amateur user can wipe data storage drives without facing any sort of complications.