Destruct Windows XP Hard Drive Files

When your confidential and private data is in question, simply deleting files or formatting the hard drive is not safe enough. You will need a drive erasing tool to securely do the task. These erasing tools ensure permanent data erasure by overwriting the contents of the hard drive several times. When the drive to be erased is an old drive, the situation becomes more critical. The older the hard drive, the more writes are required to ensure the data is erased beyond recovery. To erase hard drive beyond recovery, you need to use a good tool. Though there are various tools available, but when it comes to deleted data from hard drive permanently, hard drive shredder is the most trustworthy utility.

Data Sanitizer allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive, USB drive, external HDD, flash drive, FireWire drive etc by overwriting it several times with carefully selected pattern and various international disk sanitization standards. This tool supports data erasing on all file systems which are used in Windows platforms. It allows you to erase a complete hard disk and even a logical drive. This software wipe hard drive data beyond the recovery. The application will wipe USB drive on Windows NT, 2000, XP and DOS. With its intuitive design and simple user interface the software helps to safely erase data from your hard drive.

Most of the memory card users have a misconception that the files stored in the SD memory card cannot be erased completely. It is not true, the real fact is that you can easily wipe memory card data by using Wipe My Drive tool and know more about this, please follow the given link: Moreover, it will permanently deletes various brands of hard drives which are available in the market including Seagate, SATA, IDE, SCSI, Western Digital etc. It uses 9 different sanitation methods to wipe the hard drive, which are approved by various govt organisations.This tool comes up with intuitive design and simple user interface which helps the user to erase data permanently from all types of storage drives which can be accessed through Windows computers.

Follow the steps below to erase the data from your drive with Data Sanitizer:

Step 1: Run the wipe disk program either by double clicking the application icon on the desktop or from Programs list in the Start menu. This will launch the Data Sanitizer application main Window as shown in Figure a.

How do I Wipe My Old PC Booting Windows XP Hard Drive? - Main Window

Figure a: Main Window

Step 2: Select the logical drive that has sensitive data to be erased or select a physical disk to erase complete hard disk and click "Next" button. As you click Next button, a Window to select sanitizing methods is displayed as shown in figure b.

How do I Wipe My Old PC Booting Windows XP Hard Drive? - Sanitizing Methods

Figure b: Select Sanitizing Method

The software provides nine sanitizing methods and they are classified into different levels for erasing the data which are based on the security levels.

Select the appropriate method and click "Next" button to erase the selected drive. As you click "Next" button, a Window asking for confirmation before start of the erasing process would be displayed. Click "OK" to continue the process of erasing for the selected drive. After the erasing process is complete a message intimating the same will be displayed.