Is it possible to repair bad sectors from hard drive, if I wipe the drive completely?

You may receive error messages like “error=0×40 {UncorrectableError}”, “CRC” or “Cyclic Redundancy Error” and others that suggest that your hard drive have bad sectors. If some of your files are missing, unreadable or corrupt, it may be a cause of bad sectors. Before discussing about the bad sectors let us first know what sectors are. Sectors are the smallest storage units on the hard drive. A bad sector is a sector on the disk from which data cannot be written or read due to a physical damage on disk. When this happens, the data in those sectors may be lost, but the data on the rest of the disk is unaffected and the disk is still usable. There are several causes for bad sectors on hard drives. They are:

  • Physical damage or shock
  • Faulty drive head
  • Head crash
  • Abrupt power shutdowns and disruptions during read-write operations
  • If the hard disk experiences a strong jerk, the platter can be damaged, which might in turn create bad sectors.
  • Excessive generation of heat in the PC
  • Improper ventilation settings.

Bad sectors cannot be repaired, but the solution available to the problem is to mark them as unusable. Once marked as unusable, the operating system will not store data in those bad sectors. Disk erasing or wiping hard disk is deleting the contents of the hard drive permanently. There are number of disk wiping tools that permanently deletes each and every files but, it does not repair the bad sectors.

If you encounter any bad sector problem on the disk it is advisable that you immediately stop working on the drive and backup all the important data to avoid further data loss. But if your hard drive hangs repeatedly or you get a blank screen, the best choice would be to consult a data recovery specialist to recover your valuable data.This application will wipe USB drive on Windows of different versions such as Windows 7, XP, Vista, etc.